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Antea Amoroso Design

Pizza Peel Paddle Board

Pizza Peel Paddle Board

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This custom pizza paddle is made of high-quality wood and is personalized with your last name of choice, hand lettered and engraved by Antea! The sturdy design provides a reliable surface for easy pizza handling, making it the ideal pizza accessory for the home chef!

Made from high quality Maple Wood, these boards are not only a great way to prepare or serve food, but is also a stylish home decor piece! A must have for pizza night and the perfect gift for any pizza loving family... which we assume is most people! 

Want this personalized? No problem! Antea will hand letter and engrave a name or phrase of your choice on the board for you! Please includes correct spelling and design notes in the Personalization Box, thank you! Examples: The Amoroso Family, The Amoroso Home, Home Sweet Home etc.

Washing + Care for your board: Wooden cutting boards should only be hand washed. DO NOT put the cutting board in the dishwasher! After each use you may use warm water, dish soap and a soft sponge to clean it making sure to sure to clean any grooves where bacteria may hide. Make sure to immediately dry off your board with a soft, dry towel. If you allow your board to sit wet for a long period of time, it will cause wood to swell, and your board to warp or split as a result.

Color + Style of your board: Due to the natural nature of the wood, variation in the cut and shade does happen. We love that this creates a unique style and quality to each board as no two boards are alike! By purchasing you understand that we cannot issue a refund or produce a re-make an item due to light or dark areas on the cutting board.

13 ½" x 18 ½" x ¾" 

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