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Coconut Wedding Place Cards

Coconut Wedding Place Cards

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I came up with this idea for my friends wedding and have shared it with everyone I know planning a destination wedding! When the idea came about of a seating chart, our first thought was how do we travel with this?! My mind immediately went to size and weight, given that backing them in a suitcase would be ideal. I absolutely love the idea of an interactive seating chart display, and where mirrors are nice and all, why not let the island be the highlight of your display?! In came the idea of using coconut drinks! We had been to the resort before and saw guests walking around with these delicious fresh coconut drinks and thought how cool would that be to welcome your guests to cocktail hour, not only with a delicious beverage, but also to find their seat!

Each tag is hand lettered by me and engraved into lightweight 1/8" thick plywood and precision cut to fit around and hang off the straw! We also package these place cards up safely with shrink wrap so they are able to be transported in a carryon luggage to your destination! Each tag measures approximately 3 to 4" x 1.75"

You have the option of one name per coconut tag for each individual to get or one couples name per coconut tag for each couple to get and share. You may also choose to have the table number on the front of the tag with the name, or if last minute cancellations will be an issue we suggest purchasing the tags without a table number. That way in case of any last minute changes or cancellations that may happen and table arrangements would have to change as a result, you can letter the table number on the back yourself closer to the event!

Bonus, these tags make an excellent favor too! After the wedding, your guests can even hang these as an ornament on their tree or bar top as a display and forever reminder of your special day :)

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