Live Lettering Pop Up with Tread Reading

Live Lettering Pop Up with Tread Reading

Designed to spoil your clients, drive foot traffic to your store, and move products quicker than ever before – Pop-ups with Antea Amoroso are the in-person event you want to book. Tread Reading has booked a few Hand Lettering Pop Ups with Antea Amoroso and is now part of an elite line-up that can attest to the event’s success.

Lori Haverty, lead instructor and owner of Tread Reading, a popular fitness studio in Reading, MA, has hosted several summer pop ups with Antea Amoroso. When asked about her experience with the event, its benefit to her business, and if she'd do it again — here's what she had to say.

Lori Tread Reading + Antea Amoroso Designs Hand Lettering Pop Up


How did you learn about Antea Amoroso Designs?

Antea and I both grew up in Reading; you could proudly say that we are TOWNIES!  When I watched her create, design and do it so effortlessly, I knew I had to be a part of her creations! So, I guess after saying all of that, I learned about her business by being a huge fan for a long time. 

Antea Amoroso Designs Hand Lettering Pop Up with Tread Reading

Why did you book a Pop Up with Antea? 

 I LOVE booking Pop Ups with Antea; we have been so lucky to have been able to do so many amazing community events in and outside of Reading. All three of my studios have benefited from Antea being a part of our fundraising, class specials, fun pride community events and so on.  We work so well together. She is extremely fun to have at the studios and so professional.

For a look at a fun pop up hosted by Kendra Scott in Reading, MA, click HERE.

What was the best thing about Antea's Pop Up? 

Antea’s Hand Lettering Pop Ups at Tread have always brought people in that would not normally come to a Tread class or studio. Antea’s creative side has always brought my events to life! She is just the best- I also love that her kids enjoy being a part of the Tread + Antea Pop Ups. 

Antea Amoroso Designs Hand Lettering Pop Up with Tread Reading

Do you think your business experienced more foot traffic or exposure to new customers? 

Yes, yes, yes! 100% yes. I’m so blessed and thankful.  If she is going to be popping up at any event I host, the event is larger- she is a huge draw to my Tread community. 


Would you recommend booking a Pop Up with Antea for others? 

I 100% would recommend a Pop Up or any kind of Antea event; collaborating with Antea is a complete blast! 

CLICK HERE for 3 Reasons to Host a Hand Lettering Pop Up with Antea Amoroso at your Boston area boutique or shop. 

What does a Pop Up with Antea Amoroso include?

  • A minimum of 2-hours of in-store custom, complimentary hand lettering services for your customers
  • Pre-event promotion on Antea’s Instagram (20k followers) and Facebook (3.8k followers) pages — as well as in our monthly email newsletter and on our website
  • Free gift and exclusive discount code for your customers
  • Raffle item of your choice from the Antea Amoroso Designs shop
Antea Amoroso Designs Hand Lettering Pop Up with Tread Reading

Where are Antea Amoroso Pop Ups offered?

Pop Ups with Antea Amoroso Design are offered in Reading, MA and surrounding areas, including Boston, North Shore & more!

For more information about Hand Lettering Pop Ups or to book your event, click here.

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