Live Lettering Pop Up with Fig Balloon Co

Live Lettering Pop Up with Fig Balloon Co

What if you offered your customers a shopping experience like no other… one that allowed them to personalize their purchase without having to pay extra? That’s what Fig Balloon Co. did to spoil their customers. 

Katie Figueroa, owner and founder of Fig Balloon Co. in Beverly, MA, creates custom balloon installations for events and celebrations. Katie explained why she thought her Antea Amoroso Designs hand lettering pop up in February 2022 was a success and would recommend it to any Boston area business owner. 

Antea Amoroso Designs Hand Lettering Pop Up with Fig Balloon Co

How did you learn about Antea Amoroso Design?

When I interned at Willow Estate, the team raved about Antea's work. From there, I loved following her journey on Instagram, and she was even kind enough to let me balloon her studio grand opening back in 2018. It was one of my first installations- and she let me have total creative freedom!  

Why did you book a Pop Up with Antea? 

She is a light in the creative space and we knew her talents would be a hit at our studio! We knew people would be so excited to meet her, shop her items and have the chance to have something hand-lettered by her right before their eyes! 

CLICK HERE for 3 Reasons to Host a Hand Lettering Pop Up with Antea Amoroso at your Boston area boutique or shop.  

What was the best thing about Antea's Pop Up? 

The best part of having Antea Pop Up is the people she brings together. Antea brings such an awesome community of kind, fun-loving people together!  

Do you think your business experienced more foot traffic or exposure to new customers? 

Antea's pop up brought new customers, along with mutual clients and fellow business owners, which made for a nice community feeling! 

Would you recommend booking a Pop Up with Antea for others? 

Hell yes! You won't be disappointed. It is super fun and engaging way to interact with your clients. 

For a look at a fun pop up hosted by Kendra Scott in Reading, MA, click HERE.

What does a Pop Up with Antea Amoroso include?

  • Free gift and exclusive discount code for your customers
  • Pre-event promotion on Antea’s Instagram (20k followers) and Facebook (3.8k followers) pages — as well as in our monthly email newsletter and on our website
  • A minimum of 2-hours of in-store custom, complimentary hand lettering services for your customers
  • Raffle item of your choice from the Antea Amoroso Designs shop

Where are Antea Amoroso Pop Ups offered?

Pop Ups with Antea Amoroso Design are offered in Beverly, MA and surrounding Boston areas & beyond!

For more information about Hand Lettering Pop Ups or to book your event, click here.

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